Simala Shrine Parish Church

Simala Shrine is well-known church in Sibonga, Cebu, whose patron is the Blesses Virgin Mary, it also edifice with the Monastery of the Marian Monks of the Eucharistic Adoration. It has a various stories about Miracles have been relayed through Testimonies, medals, uniforms, documents, even their school supplies and other stuff they offered, which are the proof to the tales of their success.

Inspiring stories and
their testimonies.


Their inspiring stories of healing from various illnesses, passing board exams,
dream come true, from health, blessing and family problems and other people petitions hoping that these miracles may also grant in their lives.
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Planning to go to Simala

If your planning to go to Simala, just be aware inside the holy building with
appropriate attire (No Short pants). all people will fervent prayer can be seen,
they may asking for good health, for their upcoming board exams, for mediation in a marital problem, married couple who can’t produce baby or have been blessed with
an offspring they have been waiting for years.
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Colorful Candles

This colourful candles can be bought inside the church,
it’s cost 35 pesos/each. Each specific color
represent a particular petition. Those petitions and
grateful deeds are all documented, where notes
of thanksgiving and requests are also displayed
as a support for miracles.

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