Santo Niño De Cebu

Cebu is the largest Island in the Visayas region and it is a popular part of an archipelago that boasting the most ethnical diversity population. It has also a great variety of manmade and natural wonders to feast your eyes on. Cebu has also had a destination to please all tastes and budgets
that you can decide to spend your holiday in a beach hut.

Their language is Bisaya, but don't worry because people here in the Philippines can speak and understand English so you will never get lost.

Language and Helpful Words in Cebuano (Bisaya).

  • Good Morning - Maayong Buntag
  • Good Afternoon - Maayong Udto
  • Good Evening - Maayong Gabi-e
  • Hello - Kumusta
  • Thank You - Salamat
  • Delicious - Lami
  • How much? - Pila
  • Where - Asa
  • Too Expensive - Mahal
  • I Love You - Nahigugma ko nimo
  • Eat - Kaon
  • Drink - Inum

Major Festival in Cebu

Sinulog festival celebrates every 3rd Sunday of January.

Know more about Cebuano
Culture and Tradition

Cebuanos observed the certain culture and traditions like birth, baptism, marriage, burial, and many more!

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Local Foods

Experience the local foods in Cebu, it is cheaper than you expected.